T28 Trojan

Electric power. 4 cell 3200 lipo battery.

55in wingspan. Retracting undercarriage and flaps.


Dave Ulph


Own design and build.

Electric power.

72in wingspan.

Dave Topliss


Frances Fawkes with Roy Bekitt’s Extra.

Extreme Flight Hobbyshop Extra. DLI 35cc petrol engine. 20x8inch prop.


One of the clubs “passed on” favourites.

Previously owned by several member – final jigsaw put together by Richard Foreman


Sebart Angel S50. Emax Gran Turbo GT4030/08 motor on 6 cell 5000 mah battery pack.

Terry Walton

Stampe SV4B

From SLEC. 82.5 inch wingspan, power Laser 150 4stroke.

Graham Statham

The Ballerina

Designed by Peter Miller, the Ballerina has a 53″ wingspan and is powered by an OS-48 Four Stroke

Richard Foreman

Klemm L25d

A lazer cut kit from Krick Models, 1/7th scale, electric powered.

The Klemm was a German light leisure, sports and training monoplane aircraft, developed in 1928.

The model has a wingspan of 2.07 M, and is reputed to float on forever ! so landings should be a challenge.

Made by Hans Tiisler.

de Havilland Moth Minor

Peter Fines’ – own design.

One fifth scale Moth Minor .

OS 81 four stroke, Futaba radio,  5 channels used including speed brake.

Travelair Model R “Mystery Ship”
Terry Walton’s own design drawn up from line drawings in “The Air Racer” by A Mendenhall

68in(1727mm) wingspan.

 All up flying weight 9lbs(4kgs).

 Power Hacker A50-16s 365kv motor. 80amp speed controller. Battery 6cell 5000mha lithium polymer. 



The 86″ span Giant Zlin was from the Pat French Models kit from the 1970s. 

 I obtained this as a part built model from a ex-member of the Loughborough MFC.  I decided it would look good in Red Bull livery and to that end purchased a professional quality vinyl cutter – I must say I’m very pleased with the results.  It came fitted with a Veco 61 engine with in-cowl silencer.

David Wren

Hawker Fury 1

by Terry Walton

Own design draw up from 1/36th scale line drawings available from sarik hobbies.

 60in(1524mm) wingspan. 

All up flying weight 8.5lbs(3.9kgs).

 Power Hacker A50-16s 365kv motor. 70 amp speed controller.  Battery 6 cell 5000 mAh lithium polymer. 


A classic 60 inch span Pattern/Aerobatic model designed by Mike Birch for a 0.60 cu.in. two stroke engine.  Won the Nationals in 1968/1969, replaced by the Mike Birch designed Capricorn in 1970.

Built from the excellent Belair laser-cut kit.

Powered by an OS 55AX and will fly all pattern manoeuvres.

Les Saunders


31″ Wingspan.
Designer – Greg Thompson
Weight – 12 ozs.
Power – 2321-2500Kv-1200 Watt 4-Max Motor
500 mAh 3S battery.

Built by Richard Foreman


“Watts up”

Having spent 3 years completing a glider from plans and a wood pack with laser cut ribs etc. 
As you can see, it was in the garden currently awaiting its first flight for obvious reasons.
It is a 100″ electric soarer in the form of a built-up construction and it was a plan feature in the September 2009 Radio Control Model World magazine in the UK. The model was designed and developed by Brian Austin.

The plan number is MW3398 and the Laser cut wood pack is WP3398, available from Traplet publications Ltd.
Hope you like it and see it flying at Packington in days to come!
Bob Harris