1. The Club shall be called the DELTA HAWKS MODEL FLYING CLUB (DHMFC) and shall be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).
  2. The Club shall operate from its flying field at Redburrow Lane, Packington, Leicestershire and other suitably designated sites.
  3. The Club’s aim is to promote a safe and enjoyable environment for model flying where newcomers are assisted and experienced flyers are respected. The club rules shall be to accommodate not to penalise Members, guests and newcomers. Appropiate rules and policies shall be produced from time to time to reflect these aims.
  4. The Club shall consist of senior and junior members. Junior members shall be under 18 years age.
  5. DHMFC membership shall be from 1st January to 31st December with no reduction for part years. New Members or those who do not renew before the 1st January are subject to a joining fee.
  6. The Club shall be run by a Committee elected annually by the Members. The Committee shall consist of six officers comprising:
    • Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Safety Officer
    • Competition Secretary
    • Welfare Officer
  7. An AGM shall be held in December of every year. The business of the meeting shall be:
    • Apologies for absence
    • Approval of minutes of the last AGM
    • Matters arisng
    • Approval and adoption of Annual Reports from the Committee
    • Review of safety and welfare policies (on 3rd year)
    • Adoption of Accounts and Membership Fees
    • Election of Committee
    • Discussion and voting on member’s proposals (to be submitted two weeks prior to the AGM in writing)
    • Any other Business
  8. Meetings for members and prospective members shall be held on the first Monday of each month (unless this is a bank holiday in which case the following Monday). The business of the meeting shall be:
    • Apologies for absence
    • Approval of minutes of the last monthly meeting
    • Matters arisng
    • Correspondence received
    • Brief financial statement
    • Committee member reports
    • Any other Business
  9. The Committee shall have the right to carry out negotiations and make decisions in the interests of the Club but shall, whenever possible, reflect the views of a majority of Members. Four Officers shall be required for a quorum. A limit of £200 per month may be disbursed by the Committee without recourse to the Members, excepting spend for specific items during the year that has been previously agreed at AGM/EGM. All cheques shall require the signatures of two Committee officers. Officers shall not be required to pay a DHMFC membership fee for full years served on the committee
  10. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the Committee or by a written request signed by five members.
  11. The consideration of matters relating to winding up the affairs of the club shall rest upon a vote taken at an AGM or EGM. Upon such a vote being carried the Committee shall, after discharging all liabilites, realise the assests of the club and share the sum equally between paid up members in accordance with UK law.